Bunny Blocker is a free Action-Puzzle game for iOS and Android - Available Now!

In Bunny Blocker, you don't control the "main" character, aka the bunny, you control the environment. If something is in the bunny's way, you move it. If a wolf is hunting the bunny down, you block it. Create a path for the bunny to reach the basket of carrots!


Catch Phrase Against Humanity is a free party game for iOS and Android - Available Now!

CPAH is just like Catch Phrase or Taboo, but with up to date slang, pop culture references, and dirty words that make this version much more entertaining at parties!

Game Jam Games

Goblungee is a free PC, Mac, and Android game available on It was made in 48 hours during the Seattle Indies Game Jam of 2018 and received an Honorable Mention for Best Art.

You play as a team of bungee jumping goblins who have discovered an abyss that contains loot! Collect items, fend off monsters, and discover the mystery of the abyss!

Nesting Season is a free PC and Mac game available on It was made in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2019 and received the People’s Choice Award at the Seattle site!

You play a mama penguin who has to build and defend her nest to prepare for the next generation. Narrated by David Attenborough*.

*Not really, but close enough.




In this PAX West 2018 panel, game designers Olin Olmstead, Trevor Harron, Emma Larkins, and Nicole Jekich talk about their experience juggling full time jobs while also making games. Topics covered include time management, emotional stress, daily routines, motivation, finding resources, building a support network, and funding.